Business success requires receiving money from your clients and customers. In the past receiving payments could be a wait which would bring about extra stress and sometimes the reality of not getting paid. Luckily today business can now benefit from Smartphone processing systems that are low cost, quick, and secure. With more and more retailers adopting to Smartphone processing, more and more customers are ready to purchase their items or services from merchant who can swipe their cards on the spot. Juniper Research, predicts that mobile payments will be used to buy $100 billion in goods by the year 2014. So whether to supplement your POS systems or to use as your primary payment system now is the time to think about having a mobile payment solution. At eMerchant we offer the leading Smartphone credit card processing systems. Below is a guide to help you in choosing the right mobile payment system for your business.

How Mobile Payment systems work

Before the age of wireless laptops, tablets and smartphones business were stranded with only POS systems for their business locations. If you were a contractor you would have to take checks, wait for invoices to be paid, or make credit card impressions that clients wouldn’t feel comfortable with. Today though with wireless technology skyrocketing you can take payments on the spot for credit cards with your smartphone by using a wireless internet connection, an app, and a physical swiper that will either attach to your phone or that your phone can be placed into. A customer or client will hand you their credit car, you swipe it with the secure and encrypted card reader, the data is processed with the gateway, order is processed then you can either email a receipt to your client or print one off (available with certain devices). This is all done in a secure encrypted process where by default no sensitive data such as card numbers or security codes are stored on your mobile device.

Which systems to look at for Mobile Processing

Every merchants business is unique therefore as a business it’s important to do a little research into the type of mobile payment system that will be right for you. Two that we recommend are the ROAMpay and Paysaber devices.


In 2010 the Electronic Transaction Association awarded ROAMpay with the Technology Innovation Award. Their product ROAMpay Swipe is a fast, secure, and lightweight device that attaches to your phones audio input jack. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket for when you are on the go. It gives your customers the ease to purchase effortlessly and be securely with end-to-end encryption. It’s compatible with Apple, Android, and BlackBerry phones and devices.

It features:

  • Works with BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Feature-rich interface with emailed receipts
  • Swiper that attaches to audio jack
  • No additional hardware required
  • PCI certified for the highest possible standards in payment security
  • Free online access at the My Roam portal
  • Beautiful receipts

For more information on the ROAMpay swipe and it’s features please visit:


The PaySaber is an award winning solution that is a credit card and full point of sale device for either your iPhone or iPod Touch. With it you can process orders, scan products, and even print receipts. It has a built-in encrypted card swiper and an integrated thermal printer that can print out receipts on the spot. Paysaber offers three great products – PaySaber Point-of-Sale, PaySaber Jr, and the Paysaber Clip.

It (PaySaber Point-of-Sale) features:

  • A built-in Encrypted Swiper
  • An optional UPC Barcode Scanner
  • A Quick, Integrated, Thermal Printer
  • Product Database & Inventory Control
  • Data Syncing & Real-Time Reporting
  • A Customer Database
  • For more information on the PaySaber and its features please visit :

    So whether to supplement your POS system or to use as your primary payment device, mobile credit card processing will help build loyalty with your customers. Your customers will know that not only you are a merchant that keeps up with technology but also one that can take their payments anytime and anywhere securely. Having a mobile payment device will be a great addition to your tool bag for your business.

    If you are ready to learn more about mobile processing give us a call at 714-223-0260 or visit our wireless solutions page here