With the growing number of smartphones both merchants and consumers are getting accustomed and excited with the idea of using a hand held phone as a method for payment of goods and services. Research is starting to a show a major shift in consumer sentiment over mobile payments. As more and more merchants are using handheld smartphones for processing, more and more consumers are getting comfortable with the idea of fast payments with a merchant swiping their card by phone. Merchants using the technology appear ahead of the pack providing their customers with a fast, easy, and optimized checkout experience that builds customer satisfaction and loyalty.

According to Forbes, Mobile Processing is one of the top 5 merchant processing services for small business owners. Stating that processing payments through a mobile device is one way to keep one step ahead of your competitors.

Besides the competitive advantage there are many benefits for using Mobile Processing:

  • Lower “swiped” or retail processing rates
  • Reduced collection efforts by getting approvals while onsite
  • Real-time payment processing
  • Easy online management
  • Features like email and text message receipts. (Paysaber even has a printer)
  • Signature capturing
  • Improved transaction efficiency
  • Portable – Use anywhere you have an internet connection (pretty much everywhere now with smartphones)
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Credit card never leaves customers sight
  • Ease of use for both merchant and customer

To get started all you need is a merchant account, payment gateway, phone or pad (iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm, Blackberry), and a card reader.

All businesses, especially small business can benefit from being able to accept card payments from anywhere and turning their smartphones into portable payment processing terminals. As the processing industry grows and shifts with new emerging technologies in Mobile, eMerchant will be shifting too and adding new mobile products and solutions to help expand your business. We have a great offering of mobile solutions right now to get you started. For more information give call us a call at 866-979-0260 or click here to visit our Mobile Solutions Page.