Payment Processing for Online and Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

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What is payment processing mean

Payment processing is a general term that refers to how transactions are automated between the customer and the merchant.

What to Look for in a Payment Processor

• Low rates on a merchant banking account. eMerchant has multiple banking partners to find the right fit and rate for your business.
• Customer support for any challenges with processing payments. eMerchant provides a dedicated Account Manager to advocate each client.
• A wide range of retail terminals and point-of-sale systems, including mobile, for in-person transactions. eMerchant works with the leading brands in the industry, including industry-specific hardware and software.
• Options for a payment gateway (virtual terminal) and/or an ecommerce platform to process payments when credit cards are not present. eMerchant provides eMerchantGateway along with a variety of other gateways. We have eCommerceCart and can help merchants integrate processing with the shopping cart of their choice.
• A consultative sales team that will build a customized plan for your business. Get started with eMerchant today!


What is payment processing?


Billions of payments are made every day around the globe, but most people don’t think about what happens after they hand over their cash or enter their credit card information. Yet payment processing is a vital part of any successful transaction, and having an effective system for your business is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and building positive brand reputation.

Whether you’re talking about payment processing for small businesses, startups, ecommerce or lawyers, the basics are the same. Payment processing is a general term that refers to how transactions are automated between the customer and the merchant. A third-party service, usually a computer-based system such as eMerchant Gateway, processes the customer’s payment information and is set up to accept or decline transactions on the merchant’s behalf based on pre-set parameters.

When payment processing leaves brick-and-mortar stores and enters the online world, it opens up a new set of possibilities, both good and bad. Online payment processing enables merchants to allow additional payment methods, easily set up recurring payments, approve transactions remotely and even process payments made using foreign currencies. On the other hand, it becomes even more important to protect customer payment information with strong data security and anti-fraud measures. By choosing a top-notch payment processor with great customer service, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that both you and your customers will enjoy a satisfying, mutually beneficial transaction.

The eMerchant “Advantage”


  • One stop shop for a retail merchant account, Account Services and POS Hardware
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Lowest “swiped” or “Card Present” rates in the industry
  • Terminal Loaner Program if device ever fails
  • Free Terminal Program*
  • Call us today for a Rate Proposal!

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