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At eMerchant, we offer some of the lowest merchant account rates in the nation. See how we compare to the competition.
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eMerchant provides wholesale pricing through our special Interchange Edge program


 eMerchant RatesIndustry Average
eCommerce Discount Rate.15% - .60%2.25 - 2.95%
eCommerce Transaction Fee.10 - .18 per trans.20 - .30 per trans
Retail Swipe Discount Rate.15% - .30% 1.75% - 2.15%
Retail Transaction Fee.10 - .15 per trans.20 - .25 per trans
Dedicated Account TeamYesProbably Not
Concierge ServiceYesProbably Not
Approval Time1-3 Days1- 2 weeks
Cart/Software/Hardware CompatibilityMostFew
Credit and UnderwritingLiberalTight
Free Terminal/PrinterYesMaybe
Free Mobile DeviceYesMaybe
Free POSYesMaybe

Large Merchants: Call for extra special pricing


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 We combine low merchant account rates with personalized support for discount credit card processing that easily beats the competition. Our credit card processing rates are among the lowest in the industry, and we actively build long-term business relationships with our clients by individually managing their account and updating their rates proactively as their business expands. Ask about the requirements for our Major Account clients. Your company may qualify for even greater discounts!

Credit Card Discount Rates are affected by several variables:

1. Merchant type

eMerchant will use the most favorable Merchant Category Code (MCC code) that is allowed for your business, so you’ll get the greatest benefits from your merchant account. For example, utility companies and supermarkets receive preferred rates from the Card Associations.

2. Transaction type

Internet sales or “keyed in” transactions are considered to be riskier than retail or “card present” transactions by the Card Associations, and are typically charged a higher discount rate.

3. Card being used

Debit cards that are used as credit cards will cost the merchant less than, for example credit cards that are rewards-based.

4. Business volume

The more money that your company processes, the greater leverage your merchant account provider has when negotiating with the banks for favorable rates.

eMerchant has specialized in secure, reliable and low-cost payment processing for small and large businesses since 2002. In addition to low rates, high approvals and easy, seamless integration, we offer our clients individualized service with their own account manager that specially designs our payment solutions to meet their company’s unique needs. Our exclusive pricing, technical expertise and commitment to the businesses we serve is what sets us apart from other online payment companies.

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