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Accept credit card payments wirelessly and with optimal security using the latest technology with eMerchant payment solutions.

In today’s competitive business market, merchants who can offer the best flexibility in payment options while keeping customer data secure will stand above the rest. eMerchant, your trusted partner in transactions of all types, puts your company on the cutting edge of mobile payment technology.


Our merchant account and mobile processing equipment will enable you to accept payments wirelessly from your tablet, Android or iOS smart phone, laptop or other wireless self-contained devices that we offer. You’ll be able to conduct mobile credit card processing easily, quickly and securely from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club credit cards. Our lightweight, durable card readers plug right into your mobile device, allowing you to swipe credit and debit cards for instant approval and payments.

Furthermore, our cloud-based Virtual Terminal can be accessed anywhere you have a web connection, allowing you to enter eCheck information or get real-time tracking and reporting. All of this comes with reliable operation and our industry-leading, PCI-DSS compliant customer data protection. You’ll find yourself with happy customers and increased business when you offer this level of convenience and security.

Business and life sometimes take you out of the office, whether it’s to  a trade show, a delivery to a client’s facility, or on a service call.. But with our cutting-edge mobile payment processing products, you can turn almost any device into a powerful transaction machine, keeping your business humming any time and any place.

With an account from eMerchant, you’ll these valuable benefits and more:

  • A wide range of equipment and software that’s specifically designed to meet your company’s needs and requirements
  • Lower retail processing (“swiped”) rates on our credit card readers
  • A reduced need for collection services, since you get approvals on-site
  • Industry-leading security and customer data protection
  • Improved efficiency for smoother transactions
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • An edge over your competitors

Many businesses can benefit from streamlined mobile payment processing, such as home and business cleaning services, door-to-door sales, charity canvassers and landscaping companies.
At eMerchant, our technology is next-generation, but our commitment to exceptional quality and unsurpassed customer service is “old school.” We believe in one-on-one service and building strong business relationships. When you partner with us, you’ll have complete access to our leading industry expertise that dates back to 2002.

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The eMerchant “Advantage”


  • One stop shop for a retail merchant account, Account Services and POS Hardware
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Lowest “swiped” or “Card Present” rates in the industry
  • Terminal Loaner Program if device ever fails
  • Free Terminal Program*
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