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Payment Processing For Nonprofits

by | Mar 6, 2017 | eCommerce

Learn about our Payment Solutions for Nonprofits

It should come as no surprise that nine out of 10 U.S. consumers own a credit card, and it’s their preferred method of online payment. With the help of eMerchant’s secure and easy-to-use online payment processing for nonprofits, you’ll be able to invite potential donors and current clients to give to your organization in a way that’s most convenient to them. When you offer more ways to pay, you can reduce processing times and garner more donations. After all, donations are what keeps your nonprofit running, so you need quality solutions that donors trust. When you accept credit card payments through your nonprofit, you’ll get:

  • Added donor and organization convenience, with fewer checks and mailers to process
  • Improved cash flow through the use of easy one-time or recurring donation processing
  • Reduced paperwork and processing time, so your employees can focus on what matters
  • The ability to accept larger donations that help your organization thrive

Easy Credit Card Donations Anywhere

The eMerchant platform makes it very easy for nonprofit organizations to accept major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, Carte Blanche International, JCB and China Union Pay. With a slew of advanced tools and little effort on your behalf, you can authorize and accept payments in real-time or process them in batches. Another great benefit of our platform is that you can encourage donors to make recurring gifts — weekly, monthly or annually — using our recurring billing options. Plus, you can accept mobile payments while you’re on the go via our mobile processing products.
Payment Processing for Nonprofits

Who We Serve

eMerchant is well-equipped to help nonprofits of all shapes, sizes and industries achieve easy payment processing. Some examples of nonprofits we serve include:

  • Civic leagues
  • Social welfare organizations
  • Labor unions
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Business leagues
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Social and recreational clubs
  • Churches
  • Veterans’ organizations

Security is Key

One of the things our team is post passionate about here at eMerchant is safe, secure payment processing. That means we’re constantly investing in top-quality technologies that help safeguard your business from potential threats, including scammers and fraudulent activity. Here are some of the cutting-edge payment security standards employed by our service:

  • PCI DSS Compliance — We carry Payment Credit Card Industry (PCI) Compliance, so we must keep up to date with the latest data security standards.
  • EMV — eMerchant is a proponent of the EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) movement, which encourages counterfeit fraud liability to shift to a party — either the credit card or the merchant — that has not adopted chip technology.
  • Payment Tokenization — Your donors’ information will be safe and secure with this technology, which creates a numeric substitute for a primary account number in order to deter third parties from obtaining financial information.

Payment Processing for Nonprofits
What’s more, here at eMerchant, we pride ourselves on treating our clients like real people, not just account numbers. That means that we’re always on hand with a dedicated customer service team to help you address any issues, from potential security threats to an influx in donations. Every eMerchant account comes with a dedicated account manager who’s always on your side. Ready to get setup?

*Please note that we only support merchants that are based in the United States or Canada at this time.