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eMerchant provides gateway services to merchants needing to process card-not-present payments–through an ecommerce platform as well as from phone or mail orders. We offer our own eMerchantGateway, built on the third largest payment gateway platform in the world. Our product was the first in the industry to be PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant, and we continue to make secure processing a top priority. As needed, eMerchant also offers payment gateways from USAePay, Authorize.Net, NMI and PayPal. 


What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway allows a merchant to accept payment without a physical card (or check) present. The most popular use of a payment gateway today is through an ecommerce platform. However, many merchants also need to process a debit card, credit card or echeck payment when the transaction is not in person. The payment gateway, through a virtual terminal feature, enables a business to take orders by phone or by mail.

Merchants can use payment gateways in several ways:

  • Key a customer’s credit card data directly into the virtual terminal 
  • Invoice customers and set up payment pages online
  • Integrate with online shopping carts


Credit Card Payment Processing through eMerchantGateway

eMerchantGateway provides cutting-edge features through a secure online payment gateway portal. Access the system with your browser or using an app on your phone or tablet. It allows merchants to accept echecks, ApplePay, debit cards and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover). The eMerchantGateway features include:

  • A virtual terminal that allows a merchant to key in credit card information from a phone or mail order
  • Online invoicing and web payment forms where customers can submit payment online
  • Securely stored customer information for convenient billing and recurring payment
  • Easy integration with ecommerce platforms, industry software and ERP systems
  • Fraud modules to detect and reduce fraudulent activity
  • Tokenization to secure customer data
  • Real-time and batch processing options
  • Multi-currency payment processing (products must be listed for sale in USD) 


eCheck Payment Features

Electronic checks, commonly known as echecks, allow customers to make secure online purchases using their personal bank account. You can accept an echeck payment through an online payment form where the customer inputs their own account information. You can also accept echeck payment by phone and input the customer’s bank information yourself. Recurring payments can be set up for echeck payment processing as well. 

eChecks give customers options. And, using a payment gateway ensures that these transactions are secure. Accepting an echeck payment can also help to speed up accounts receivable and expand subscription and membership billing opportunities. 


Storing Customer Data and  Recurring Payment Options

As a merchant, you can use the tools in the eMerchantGateway to keep an up to date list of your customers and their billing selections. The gateway’s customer database is easy to use and allows you to track your customers and their data in a securely. Here are just some of the capabilities: 

  • Store multiple credit cards and payment methods for each customer
  • Create customer-based categories, including loyalty programs
  • Access billing history and recurring payment plans
  • Bulk-edit or import customers

The ability to develop recurring billing plans is one of the more popular features of eMerchantGateway. Since a customer has their payment preference on file, they have the efficiency of bills paid on time without extra hassle. And you will receive your customer’s recurring payment in a secure and timely manner which can also benefit your accounts receivable.


Payment Gateway Integration

eMerchantGateway integrates easily with your existing business systems using an open API. We consult with our clients to provide payment processing with all of the necessary software connections. And our technical support team can assist with integration questions. 

Payment gateway integration is necessary for ecommerce shopping carts to accept payments online. eMerchantGateway connects with all of the leading ecommerce platforms including Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Miva, 3dCart, Volusion, and many more. With our own eCommerceCart, the eMerchantGateway is included, along with 450 built-in features, to provide a true all-in-one solution.

eMerchantGateway is compatible with many industry vertical software solutions in categories such as furniture, nonprofits and hotels. In addition, it integrates with specialized POS systems as well as key ERP and OMS platforms. We also provide options for connecting with popular business applications such as QuickBooks. 

Contact our eMerchant sales team and we can build a payment gateway integration solution that works for your business.


Secure Processing with Fraud Prevention Tools

Fraud prevention and detection is critical for you to serve your customers and keep your business healthy. This is why eMerchantGateway provides nearly 20 fraud modules in its gateway services. Our fraud center offers a variety of settings allowing you to choose the best way to manage your business. The eMerchant customer support team is here to guide you on implementing the tools if you need assistance. Some of the most popular include:

  • Address Verification System (AVS) – verifies a customer’s billing address at the time of purchase 
  • Duplicate Detection – identify duplicate transactions 
  • Multiple Credit Cards – stops a transaction after multiple credit card attempts
  • Transaction Amount – define allowable transaction amounts
  • Host/IP Blocker – for shopping carts especially, prevent transactions from specified hosts or IP addresses 

A more advanced fraud detection feature eMerchantGateway is Fraud Profiler: technology that performs transaction risk assessment in real time. The software assigns a score to each transaction by evaluating the pattern of online traffic, sudden changes in transaction numbers or dollar amounts, origin countries, and more. Transactions above a certain score can then be blocked. Fraud Profiler can give you the data to make informed, real-time decisions, and possibly limit chargebacks, while still serving your valued customers. 

Are you interested in having a more secure online payment gateway? Contact us and we can help you get started with eMerchantGateway.


Real-Time Credit Card Payment Processing

When you accept payments online, or key payment information into your virtual terminal, eMerchantGateway gives you the power to choose either real-time or batch processing. Processing real time provides authorization as soon as the transaction is submitted. For batch processing, credit card transactions are stored and processed at a later time (of your choosing) as a group. 

Real-time processing can be beneficial for in-stock products: merchants receive immediate confirmation of payment and customers receive immediate confirmation of their purchase. Warehouses or fulfillment teams use that confirmation to begin their processes as well. These merchants counter risk by taking full advantage of fraud tools, like the comprehensive fraud modules on eMerchantGateway, to help detect and prevent fraudulent activity. Batch processing, especially in certain industries, can be the preferred choice. Batch processing may be more convenient for operations. Or, a merchant may feel that, if a stolen credit card is used, there is more time with batch processing for a consumer to report it lost or stolen. eMerchant’s customer support team is always happy to answer client questions about processing.

With eMerchantGateway, process payments with confidence using the processing method that works best for your business practices. Get started with eMerchantGateway today!


Our Certified Payment Gateways include:

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Increased Sales

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Enhanced Perception

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