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Accept Euros, Pounds, Yen, Pesos & More!

Sell in Multiple Currencies… Get paid in US Dollars!


Increase International sales with an eMerchant Multi Currency Solution powered by Planet Payment. Available in all major currencies, a Multi Currency Merchant Account (MCA) lets you personalize pricing for your international customers when they pay with their MasterCard, Visa or JCB Card. You can now target international markets, priced in the currency of the buyer, while still receiving the payments in US Dollars with your Multi Currency merchant account. A cardholder in Japan will enjoy the convenience of shopping and paying in Yen. Shoppers in the UK can enjoy the certainty of paying in British Pounds. You set the prices in currencies the international shoppers feel most comfortable.

Benefits to your International Customers:

  • More familiar shopping experience
  • Confident, informed buying decisions due to eMerchant’s international payment solutions
  • Higher appreciation of purchase value
  • No Surprises! The amount they pay in their home currency matches their credit card statement

Benefits to you, the Merchant:

  • Increased global sales
  • Manual orders from catalog sales
  • Higher conversion of shoppers to buyers, lower shopping cart abandonment
  • Reduced customer service inquiries and chargebacks
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Opportunities to increase margins by taking advantage of weaker/stronger currencies

A Multi Currency Merchant Account does not have wire transfer fees nor do you need foreign or “off shore” bank accounts.  eMerchant provides these services utilizing a standard US Merchant Account. All funds are deposited into your home bank account in US Dollars.

A Multi Currency Account is a valuable, easy-to-implement solution for merchants looking to attract or increase foreign customers.

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Having a direct Merchant account to accept Credit Cards provides many advantages
Increased Sales
Increased Sales by providing more payment choices
Enhanced Perception
Enhanced Perception All large successful sites accept credit cards directly
Increased Sales
Increased Cash Flow by getting your money into your home back account quicker

The eMerchant “Advantage”

  • Multiple Banking Partners – We provide the right fit for your growing business which includes best rates, most generous processing limits, quickest funding and most liberal approvals.
  • Multiple Gateway Choices – Plugging into any shopping cart is never a problem for eMerchant.
  • Multiple Hardware Options – Find the right terminal or Wireless Device with our knowledgeable staff
  • Old Fashioned, “Customer Comes First” attitude! Contact us today to speak with one of our credit card processing experts.

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