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Electronic Check Processing

Electronic Check Processing

Accepting checks on your website has never been easier!

With eMerchant’s eCheck service, you can accept secure payments via check either on your website or through your virtual terminal, just like you would with credit cards. eChecks, or electronic checks, allow you to make additional sales by offering multiple payment options. If customers don’t have a credit card, or are hesitant to use credit cards with online transactions, they can use eChecks to make both one-time and recurring payments directly from their bank account.

The process for an eCheck transaction is fast and safe. After you’ve received the customer’s permission, you enter their checking account information directly into our secure system. From there, we’ll verify their info, and once you’ve officially submitted the payment request, the funds are withdrawn from their account. All eCheck payments with eMerchant are transferred through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, a batch processing system that handles nearly 4 billion transactions per year just on the web. Most ACH payments are settled the same business day.

Both wholesale and corporate customers will enjoy the enhanced payment flexibility, while you’ll enjoy the lower fees associated with eChecks as compared to credit card processing. Each transaction is securely conducted on the secure eMerchant and ACH networks.

Get started with eMerchant eChecks today and enjoy these and more benefits:

  1. More Payment options for you customers
  2. No Paper checks to manually deposit
  3. Both one-time and recurring payment options
  4. Fast, secure payments on the ACH Network
  5. Less expensive to accept than credit cards
  6. Eliminate COD Charges when shipping

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Having a direct Merchant account to accept Credit
Cards provides many advantages

Increased Sales

Increased Sales

by providing more payment choices

Enhanced Perception

Enhanced Perception

All large successful sites accept credit cards directly

Increased Sales

Increased Cash Flow

by getting your money into your home back account quicker

The eMerchant “Advantage”

  • Multiple Banking Partners – We provide the right fit for your growing business which includes best rates, most generous processing limits, quickest funding and most liberal approvals.
  • Multiple Gateway Choices – Plugging into any shopping cart is never a problem for eMerchant.
  • Multiple Hardware Options – Find the right terminal or Wireless Device with our knowledgeable staff
  • Old Fashioned, “Customer Comes First” attitude! Contact us today to speak with one of our credit card processing experts.

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