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Retail Credit Card Processing

It isn’t just about secure payments; it’s personalized service.

See your business take flight with our retail processing.


Give your customers multiple payment options and secure transactions, and they’ll repay you many times over with their repeat business and years of loyalty. For restaurant proprietors, clothing store owners and others in the retail industry, being able to accept credit card payments from your customers with our retail credit card processing — without interruptions — is essential to the success of your business. According to some estimates, retailers are able to increase their profits by as much as 30 percent, on average, when they give their customers the option of paying with credit cards. eMerchant makes it easy for your retail business to accept credit cards. We have the right credit card payment processing terminal for a perfect fit with your retail store and its unique requirements. Our exclusive pricing for you, our business partner, means an even bigger return on your investment.
Our Point of Sale software lets small business owners manage every aspect of their credit card processing. You can also choose from a wide selection of retail credit card machines, credit card processing terminals and POS software. When you open a merchant account with eMerchant, you’ll not only get a complete solution for accepting credit card payments in your retail store with an emphasis on security and convenience. You’ll also be getting a knowledgeable sales partner with more than a decade of industry expertise in credit card payment for online and brick and mortar stores. We offer our clients exceptional customer service, low rates, the highest approval rates, concierge service and simple integration with your business’s operations.

 eMerchant RatesIndustry Average
eCommerce Discount Rate.15% - .60%2.25 - 2.95%
eCommerce Transaction Fee.10 - .18 per trans.20 - .30 per trans
Retail Swipe Discount Rate.15% - .30% 1.75% - 2.15%
Retail Transaction Fee.10 - .15 per trans.20 - .25 per trans
Dedicated Account TeamYesProbably Not
Concierge ServiceYesProbably Not
Approval Time1-3 Days1- 2 weeks
Cart/Software/Hardware CompatibilityMostFew
Credit and UnderwritingLiberalTight
Free Terminal/PrinterYesMaybe
Free Mobile DeviceYesMaybe
Free POSYesMaybe

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