I want you to know on a personal level, Jeff, that you and your team are helping our small business. We are a company that is growing because our focus is on great service and great stuff. We have the freedom to focus on that because we are not having to stress over the credit card aspect of our business. Even in a modern world, it is an exhilarating feeling to know that our success can be traced back to one driving force within our box making family – really trying to do the right thing (and beyond) for people. I know you know what I’m talking about because it is this kind of human-to-human real-deal service we get from eMerchant across the board. I know what extra effort in customer service looks like and I know that even if a heart for service is in a person’s DNA, it is still hard work. This paragraph is here to let you know on a personal level, that extra consideration is recognized and appreciated.

I also wanted to tell you as VP of Marketing if there is ever a special opportunity for us to proclaim how awesome we know eMerchant is in the social media marketing universe, let us know and we’ll do it.

Please, extend our appreciation to the rest of your crew.