Wireless Credit Card Processing

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PaySaber is a complete point-of-sale system for retail businesses of any size. This all-in-one credit card machine connects with either an iPhone® or iPod touch®. It has a built-in encrypted card swiper and an integrated thermal printer where you can print out or email receipts on the spot.

The PaySaber also comes with a UPC Barcode Scanner so you can automatically update your inventory and so you can scan barcodes for speedy checkouts.

built_inA built-in Encrypted Swiper

comes built-in to the PaySaber for easy and secure swiping capabilities. The swiper reads level 1 and level 2 card data which is then encrypted at the time of swipe and sent over to the payment gateway for processing. Swiping a credit card during a transaction is important to keep a lower "retail" rate with the merchant bank. If you're using a device or software that does not support swiping than you are paying a higher rate per transaction and the PaySaber can save you money with every swipe.
scanner_paysaberAn optional UPC Barcode Scanner

makes the PaySaber more than just a credit card machine; it makes it a complete point-of-sale system. Inside the USAePay PaySaber software is the ability to control a complete inventory of products which also contains the barcode [or SKU] for every product. Businesses can easily scan their products in at the time of purchase and PaySaber will calculate the total, taxes, discounts, etc.. and have the order ready to be paid for with a simple swipe

Barcodes are also printed on all receipts so returns are as simple as scanning the receipt and clicking the process buttons. The PaySaber saves you time with every order..
receipt_paysaberA Quick, Integrated, Thermal Printer

is built into every PaySaber device to allow merchants to print receipts or detailed invoices on-site for their customers. Studies have shown that even in today's world of email and electronic statements most customers prefer receiving a physical receipt when making a purchase
boxes_paysaberProduct Database & Inventory Control

is a feature which allows merchants to easily view and control all their store's products through the PaySaber software. This transforms the software from your simple, low-end "credit card processing only" software to a full point-of-sale system which uses the the UPC bardcode scanner to quickly create an order and accept payment for it. At the same time the software will automatically update the database and inventory while orders are being placed so merchants can then view which items sell well, which sold out and which do not sell at all.

The same product database can be loaded into multiple iPhones/iPod Touch devices. This means if a company has multiple locations, sales reps, warehouses, etc... the database generated within the PaySaber software or uploaded on the USAePay web interface (a universal database between all the devices) which updates in real-time can help even the large, enterprise merchant keep a proper inventory.
monitor_paysaberData Syncing & Real-Time Reporting

syncs the product database between devices (as mentioned above) and also syncs orders, open transactions and all previous batches. Merchants on the PaySaber system can also manage and view all their transactions, batches, products, client, etc... from an online interface. This allows an "admin account" on the system to view all transactions and updates from any devices on the account in real-time. The PaySaber online system also offers a variety of graphs, charts and custom reporting capabilities so merchants can easily view the trends of their sales.
database_paysaberA Customer Database

within the PaySaber software allows businesses to easily handle repeat business and setup recurring payments. The customer database can store multiple payment methods for every customer entry so now a business can pull up a customer through their device and charge any of the multiple cards on file for a customer at time of purchase. Customers' recurring payments are setup within minutes for such things are memberships, bill payments or any other payments requiring reoccurring charges.

The best part is none of the sensitive card and customer data is stored on the device; everything is stored on the payment gateway. That way you can be sure that your data is always stored securely and if you ever lose, break or replace your iPhone or iPod all your data is waiting for you when you're ready to sync to it.

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